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Starry Sky

Spiritual Love

From time-to-time we find ourselves wondering how our passed loved ones are doing over in the spirit world. We want to know if they are close to us and if we/they are fine.

Felicia is a spiritual medium, spiritual artist. She can help you to connected to a loved one or even a guide. She can even do a personalised piece of art for you, which represents what is happening at present with you.


What You Need

Inside Of Inside.jpg


Psychic Reading

Spiritual sittings is the same as spiritual readings. I use the term ‘sitting’ because we are not reading you but sitting with you. You are sitting with spirit. You have a choice a spiritual assessment or an evidential sitting.


Auragraphs & Spirit Art

A depiction of your aura

Auragrapgh's are a depiction of the person's aura. This is done psychically rather than spiritually. I tune into the individuals auric field, and i draw and/or paint what is happening with now in the present. I then tune into their spirit team where I ask for some words which can help them on their journey/development.

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