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Auragraphs & Spirit Art

A Depiction for Your Aura

Auragrapgh's are a depiction of the person's aura. This is done psychically rather than spiritually. I tune into the individuals auric field, and i draw and/or paint what is happening with now in the present. I then tune into their spirit team where I ask for some words which can help them on their journey/development.


Spiritual paintings are paintings which are guided by spirit. For spiritual paintings the intention is set by asking Spirit to connect. When I am connected with spirit and the recipient's spirit team, I start to work with the paints.


I will be guided to the type of paint, colours and size of paper. When the painting is finished it is left to dry. Most of the spirit arts I have painted have a number of elementals, animals and sometimes guides. I then ask the spirit team for a message or some inspiration words to write at the back of the painting. 

Both Spirit art and Auragraph's are personal and unique to the individual, so no two will ever be the same.

All paintings are framed and a mini reading is also included.

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