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Psychic Development

Connecting to Your Gifts

You will learn how to connecting to your gifts, whilst learning how to use your other senses. Connect to your guides and spirit family through meditation. Learn how to interpret energy and convey that into a message.



"I sought out Felicia's psychic development course after struggling to make sense of my own psychic gifts and how to best utilise them to understand messages for myself and clients. Felicia provided me with tools to be able to connect to my spirit guides, higher self and intuitive and psychic abilities in clear, tangible ways. Since taking her course I have been able to detect detailed information from spirit, and am confident in giving psychic card readings to clients. Her after care is brilliant, consistently checking in with me between sessions and providing insights and guidance with dreams or questions I had about my own psychic development outside of our time together."

Tania W, via Email

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