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Holistic Therapies

The Natural State of Healing

Holistic therapies is looking at other ways of bettering wellbeing. Many think that wellbeing is just of the mind, but it isn't. It takes all considerations - the mind, body, spirit and soul. Working on the whole person by bringing them into harmony.


There many different treatments, which fall under the holistic umbrella. Here at Shimmering Light, we currently offer Reiki and Crystal Healing.


We allow the body to talk, and we listen.  I do a body scan over your chakras and provide back on what was picked up.

Peaceful Candle and Flowers


What You Need


Reiki Healing

Committed to Quality

Reiki is a wonderful healing energy. It can help heal all aspect of you and your way of being, including the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual parts of you.

It helps to clear blockages and slowly brings the body back into balance and into harmony. It works on the subtle bodies, chakras, meridian and the physical body. Reiki also helps ease physical, emotional and mental pains, problems and traumas.

Woman being hypnotized with stones on he

Crystal Healing

Healing Energies from the Earth

Crystal energy is different from other healing vibrations like Reiki. So, why not immerse yourself in the healing energies of the crystals. They say crystals have their own life force energy. The energy from the crystals are very powerful and can help you feel very grounded.

Crystals help to clear blockages and realign chakras. The crystals help with the healing of the mind, body and spirit.

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