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This is Us

Our aim:

To help you and fill you with light. To bring you peace, harmony, and balance. We care about your well-being - to gain a proper balance in life and to be the best you can be, and realize it was always there.


How we came about:

The name Shimmering Light originated from one of the first treatments I did. The thought of starting or even owning a professional practice/business was nowhere near a thought.


After being attuned to Reiki, I found my mediumship bloomed and I couldn't separate the healing link from the Spirit communication link. I would give clients small messages, which would help with their healing process.


However, everything changed after I was asked for healing a guy. It was like nothing I had experienced, it was different - He was a Reiki Master, and needed help to release/shift something which he wasn't able to do himself. He told me he was recovering from a heart attack and feels as if there is something still there. As soon as I placed my hands over him I started to cry for him. I was aware of a presence around me, working with me, a lady as a matter of fact. I saw images and heard words. My body felt cold but my hands were sweating. It was intense and deep - but his feedback was amazing. There are no words to express how I felt and how his words made me felt and how I had helped him and how he helped me.


- After I finished and sorted myself out before bringing him around, he said -

“While you were healing me, you surrounded me in a white and gold shimmering bubble of light.”  He continued to describe what he felt and experienced – “I went into a trance and I could only see a shimmering light. I am now happy on the inside as well as the outside. Look at me I’m smiling!”


This is how the name Shimmering Light came to fruition.


He is not the only person who has had this similar experience - the light and the sense of release. A number of clients in their first treatment have also said 'they see a bright white light and often have to double-check, to see if there is a light shining in their eyes.


With so many people saying they see a light, I knew, if I created a business, it would have to have a base reference to light - after all, working for spirit and practising Reiki, I remembered that we are beings of light. Beings of light, having a human experience.

Seeing the white light during a session, seemed to symbolize you being lifted from the darkness and feeling lighter as well. It shows/reminds us that light, has no limitation and that once we let go of what we no longer need, we too are no longer limited to what we were.

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Mind, Body, Spirit Wellbeing Festival at Olympia - April 2016

Mind, Body, Soul Experience at Alexandra Palace - October 2016

Mind, Body, Spirit Wellbeing Festival at Olympia - April 2017

Mind, Body, Spirit Wellbeing Festival at NEC, Birmingham - November 2017

Mind, Body, Spirit at Olympia Wellbeing Festival - May 2018

Mind, Body, Spirit at Birmingham Wellbeing Festival - November 2018

Mind, Body, Soul & Wellbeing Festival at Kempton Park - November 2018

Awards Won
SME - UK Enterprise Awards 2020 - Best Holistic Wellbeing Company 2020

SME - Greater London Enterprise Awards - Best Holistic Alternative Health & Wellbeing Clinic 2020

Prestige Awards - London & South East England - Holistic Specialist of the Year 2020/21

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