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Thank you for you an amazing session last week Felicia, could really feel your energies working. I felt completely at ease with you and you went into so much detail afterwards... I will be buying lots of green to wear lol. Thank you xx

Pam K

The Angels are great I really was more than happy with my 20 minute session well worth

Aida F, Alexandra Palace

I would just like to say, you ladies rock. The energy was vibrant, positive, warming and welcoming. It was honest and I'm so excited about wearing my crystals. The reiki was soul cleansing and the advice meaningful. I would recommend you guys to anyone. Big love

Pam J

Hi Felicia, you are a gift from the Angels thank you for opening my mind and body to the amazing spiritual and positive world. I would recommend you to anyone if there are people out there that has not had the experience please try it will give you a more understanding of your life give your peace and inner strength. My love to Felicia I will see you at our next amazing time. X

Mandy F

Felicia, thank you for an amazing reiki session yesterday. You surely do have an amazing gift. I did have a good sleep, as when I woke up I didn't even know what day it was. I truly enjoyed our conversation and wanted to thank you for uplifting me and giving me food for thought re what's holding me back with my writing. Thank you and have an amazing day.

Pam J

While you were healing me, you surrounded me in a white and gold shimmering bubble of light.” In addition, he continued to describe what he felt and experienced – “I went into a trance and I could only see a shimmering light. I am now happy on the inside as well as the outside. Look at me I’m smiling!

George B, NEC

Amazing. She a master of reiki, I've been 3 times in the last two year and I plan to carry on as long as I live in London.

Anthony C

Felicia has an amazing, other worldly calm about her. Her sessions are powerful, relaxing, and inspiring! I've come to know my beloved Spirit Guide so much better after seeing her for Reiki. A very talented healer.

Brighitta M

Felicia is warm and approachable. She has a calm and gentle aura which puts you at ease. Felicia confirmed certain things I had been told years before (by someone else ) but did not take notice. Because of her incite I have learnt to look at myself differently, value my strengths and to have faith in my own judgement.

Olive C

I love Felicia's approach in her treatments , they felt both soothing and very empowering. Felicia has a special touch to tap deeper into what not just your body needs but your soul is searching for. I am in total awe that's why I can't wait for my next treatment with her.

Marta B

I have recently completed my Level 1 Reiki Course with Felicia and Martha and it was amazing. The ladies made me feel instantly comfortable when I arrived at the house the course was being held in, there was a lovely energy in the house. They provided great training and patiently answered our endless questions. There was a good balance of theory and practical sessions. I was lucky enough to receive a Reiki healing session with Felicia during the course and she was great. If you are only looking for a Reiki session then I can definitely recommend Felicia. During the course there was an endless supply of all kinds of tea, coffee and biscuits as well as two delicious healthy lunches. Thank you Felicia and Martha for all the support during training and the continued support/emails after the course. If you are looking for a more intimate group for your Reiki training then train with Shimmering Light Therapies."

Maire O'B

"I honestly can’t fully express how much meeting Felicia and Shimmering Light therapies has changed my life ... not only is Felicia the sweetest, kindest most lovely (and funny) person but her gift is something to be marvelled at ... her reiki healing is so incredibly powerful and I would recommend EVERYONE have at least one session of reiki with her to fully experience the magic of her healing hands. And then of course there is her seeing gift, her mediumship which is very special indeed. She is such a humble person carrying a great gift of being able to heal others. And her colleague Julia was also a huge part of my healing, particularly with her very special spiritual teas that I had no idea could have such a profound physical affect!? THANK YOU with all of my heart xxxxx"

Lucia G

"I sought out Felicia's psychic development course after struggling to make sense of my own psychic gifts and how to best utilise them to understand messages for myself and clients. Felicia provided me with tools to be able to connect to my spirit guides, higher self and intuitive and psychic abilities in clear, tangible ways. Since taking her course I have been able to detect detailed information from spirit, and am confident in giving psychic card readings to clients. Her after care is brilliant, consistently checking in with me between sessions and providing insights and guidance with dreams or questions I had about my own psychic development outside of our time together."

Tania W

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