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Reiki Healing

Healing gifted from the Universe

Reiki is a wonderful healing energy. It can help heal all aspect of you and your way of being, including the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual parts of you.

It helps to clear blockages and slowly brings the body back into balance and into harmony. It works on the subtle bodies, chakras, meridian and the physical body. Reiki also helps ease physical, emotional and mental pains, problems and traumas.


How I work

  • At the start have a brief consultation about what is happening with you. Where would you like to work on? what do you want to get from the sessions?

  • Every treatment you will be fully clothed, so please wear comfortable clothing. I will only ask you to take your shoes and coat off.

  • The treatment will either be carried out on a treatment couch or on a chair.

  • I will ask you for your permission, if you would like hands-on treatment or a hands-off treatments.

  • Music will be played to help you go into a relaxed state; along side with some essential oils.

  • Depending on the treatment you have selected - a treatment would last for 45-50mins or 75-80mins for the extended.

What to Expect

Each session varies from person to person. Your experience will be different, but unique to you. Your first treatment could be very different from your other treatments.


The most common experiences are:

  • Colours and flashes of light

  • Deep relaxation/meditation; Feeling heavy or light

  • Energy moving; Clearing of blockages

  • Hot and cold flushes

  • Sensory: touch, smell, sound and visions

  • Electric impulses

  • Releases - Emotions (laughing, crying, anger and peace); twitches


The Angels are great I really was more than happy with my 20 minute session well worth

Aida F, Alexandra Palace

Member to

Reiki Federation

UK Reiki Federation

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