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Courses & Workshops

Developing Your Higherself

At Shimmering Light, we want to help you grow and help you connect to your higher self and expand your consciousness.

We are always looking to expand and to understand the reason we're here and how to heal ourselves - which is received on many levels.

Here we offer Reiki Courses - level 1, 2 & 3; Psychic development, Essential Oil & Crystal workshops.



What You Need


Reiki 1: Shoden

First Degree Course

An introduction to the foundations and the background of Reiki; the philosophy, history, and theory. Over the days you will do practical exercises to learn hand positions but also to boost your confidence to use Reiki.


Reiki 2: Okuden

Second Degree Course

You will learn the symbols of Reiki and the meaning behind them. Learn how to use them and how they will enhance your experience with Reiki. Reiki two is also known as the practitioner level.


Psychic Development

Connecting to Your Gifts

You will learn how to connecting to your gifts, whilst learning how to use your other senses. Connect to your guides and spirit family through meditation. Learn how to interpret energy and convey that into a message.



Maire O'Brien

I have recently completed my Level 1 Reiki Course with Felicia and Martha and it was amazing. The ladies made me feel instantly comfortable when I arrived at the house the course was being held in, there was a lovely energy in the house. They provided great training and patiently answered our endless questions. There was a good balance of theory and practical sessions. I was lucky enough to receive a Reiki healing session with Felicia during the course and she was great. If you are only looking for a Reiki session then I can definitely recommend Felicia. During the course there was an endless supply of all kinds of tea, coffee and biscuits as well as two delicious healthy lunches. Thank you Felicia and Martha for all the support during training and the continued support/emails after the course. If you are looking for a more intimate group for your Reiki training then train with Shimmering Light Therapies."

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