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Reiki 3: Masters/Teach


The final level of Usui's Reiki - Master Teacher level.

This course is offered as a 3-day non-residential course in the heart of North London's Islington.

Reiki Master Teacher level is not just an upgrade in Reiki but also an upgrade within the self. It may be the final level in Reiki but remember you never stop learning or growing. You are growing with your experiences, situations and with life. These experiences are what help you be true to yourself and to your potential students and clients.


In the course, we look into:

  • Mikao's history is deeper. 

  • The progression of Reiki over the years to the present.

  • Recap the Aura and Chakra System

  • Recap the 3 Symbols learnt in Reiki 2

  • Learn the 4th Symbol of Reiki 

  • Learn other techniques from the Japanese lineage.

  • You will also learn how to give attunements and Reiju's.

  • We will be diving deeper into ourselves through meditations.

If you feel like you are being called to take the next step, the universe is ready to provide.


Deposit: £100

Full Investment: £550

A payment plan available: deposit + 2x £225 (paid monthly)

If booking as a 1:1, you will book the first day through the booking system then we discuss the other two days. 1:1 is taught as a mobile service throughout London


If you would like to spread the payment over a longer time please get in contact.

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