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Spiritual Sittings

Spiritual sittings is the same as spiritual readings. I use the term ‘sitting’ because we are not reading you but sitting with you. You are sitting with spirit and visa versa.


You have a choice a spiritual assessment or an evidential sitting.


The difference between the two is:

  • Spiritual assessment, allows your guides to come close and give you information about your spiritual path. It is all about your spiritual journey and development.

  • Evidential sitting, is where your loved ones in spirit come close to prove that they are with you and close to you. They may provide evidence on how they passed; how they looked; what they liked to do etc. But also gives information of what you have been going through and how they are close to you.

  • And then there is a psychic sitting. This type sitting is information about you. Information is provided from your energy - this can be from your aura and/or jewellery.

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