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Planet and Moon

Shimmering Light

Holistic Therapies, Holistic & Crystal Shop

Welcomed with love & blessings.

From the day Shimmering Light started, my dream was to help people. To bring people back to their natural state of healing and to help move obstacles; without the use of conventional medicine, but by using our natural healing abilities.


My name is Felicia Rudolfo and I am the founder of Shimmering Light. Felicia is a Reiki Master/Teacher; a Spiritual healer; a Spiritual Medium (Clairvoyant); and a Crystal Healer. All treatments are offered as a mobile service within the London Area.

My aim is to better your well-being! Helping you to gain harmony, love, and balance in life; as well as to help you remind yourself of what you are capable of; building that self-belief, and understanding your strengths.

Let me help you and we will work together.







Awards Won
SME - UK Enterprise Awards 2020 - Best Holistic Wellbeing Company 2020

SME - Greater London Enterprise Awards - Best Holistic Alternative Health & Wellbeing Clinic 2020

Prestige Awards - London & South East England - Holistic Specialist of the Year 2020/21

SME - Greater London Enterprise Awards - Most Trusted Holistic Therapy Service 2021

London & Southeast Presige Awards - shimmering Light Therpies Holistic Specialist of the Year 2020/21

Currently at Shimmering Light Therapies

We currently offer two types of services - Healing Treatments and Spiritual Love.

The healing treatments we currently offer are Crystal Healing, Reiki and Spiritual Healing. These treatments work with universal energy, aimed to help re-balance and realign.

Spiritual Love are services which help you connect with Spirit. This can be by having a reading (in person or over the phone), or by having a drawing/painting done.

Meditation by the sea

Healing Services

It starts with you!

Now is the time to take time out for you! We are always running around helping others and we often forget about ourselves. The therapies we provide is to allow you to have time out and to recover. Realign your chakra's. Fall into a deep state of relaxation. Clear any trapped/stagnant energy.

Star Cluster

Spiritual Love

Connecting the worlds

From time-to-time we find ourselves wondering how our loved ones are doing in the spirit world. We want to know if they are close to us and if we/they are fine. 
Felicia is a spiritual medium, spiritual artist. She can help you to connected to a loved one or even a guide. Felicia can do an inspired piece of art for you, which represents you at this present time.

Bright Idea Bulb

Course & Workshops

Expanding Consciousness

We are here to learn, that's the purpose of life. But sometimes, we need a guiding hand. We have started teaching Reiki courses, psychic development workshops and essential oil workshops and there are more to come. Let us help you connect and expand.

Crystal & Holistic Shop

Bettering Self

We have a range of holistic products on our online store! From Chakra herbal blended teas to Aura mists; Crystals to Gem Essences and doTerra Essential Oils.

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