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This is a complete candle set of 7 candles - one for each chakra. Each candle weighs 80g, with a burn time of up to 24 hours.Choose from either a green or pink heart candle.Also, choose your type of wax - blended soy and paraffin or soy.We have 8 candles❤️ = Root - grounding, security, foundations🧡 = Sacral - creativity, sexuality, emotional trauma 💛= Solar Plexus - higher self, connection, guidance, trust, believe💚= Heart - emotional healing💗= Heart - Self-love, worth💙 = Throat - communication, expression, Authentic-self💜= Third-eye - clarity, vision🤍 = Crown - higher consciousness, spiritEach candle will have crystals in them associated with the chakra. Made with pure essential oils. The colour may vary due to concentration of the dye.

Votive Chakra Candle Set

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