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We love to see rainbows and the joy it brings to us. It acts as a reminder that there is always something beautiful waiting to found. This includes yourself!Prism smile contains the colours of chakras. Each colour has its chakra scent to help rebalance and harmonise your energies and the energies in your space.Red: Root - Grounding - Earthy Orange: Sacral - Creativity - Earthy Spicy Yellow: Solar Plexus - Intuition, Motivation, Inspiration - Citrus Fruity Uplifting Green: Heart - Emotional Peace - Open Fresh Blue:  Throat - Communication - Airy Ginger SpiceIndigo: Third Eye - Clarity - Sweet FloralViolet: Crown - Connection - FlowerySize: 9cl (~90ml)Burn time: 20+ hoursWax: Soy or Blended (Soy & Paraffin)Size: 20cl (~200ml)Burn time: 40+ hoursWax: Soy or Blended (Soy & Paraffin)

Prism Smile

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