This Gift Set works with particular chakras.

The mandala print is framed, which has a mixture of gems and crystals to help balance, harmonise and connect to the chakra centre. 

The frame size is 13x13 with an aperture of 10x10cm
Candle contains 80g of wax - 9cl in size

Choose your type of wax - blended soy and paraffin or soy.
Choose your frame colour - Black, White, Grey

ā¤ļø = Root - grounding, security, foundations
šŸ§” = Sacral - creativity, sexuality, emotional trauma, empowerment
šŸ’›= Solar Plexus - higher self, connection, guidance, trust, believe
šŸ’š= Heart - emotional healing
šŸ’—= Heart - Self-love, self-worth
šŸ’™ = Throat - communication, expression, Authentic-self
šŸ’œ= Third-eye - clarity, vision
šŸ¤ = Crown - higher consciousness, spirit

Each candle will have crystals in them associated with the chakra. Made with pure essential oils. The colour may vary due to concentration of the dye.

Gift Set: Crystal Mandala Grid + Chakra Candle

Frame colour