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This mandala is created to help open and work with the chakras. The mandala has been guided by higher consciousness with the intent for a specific chakra; it is then infused with Crystal vibration - which are associated to the chakra. The crystals are placed in a grid form.

No two crystal mandalas layouts will be the same, as I work with the energy of the individual.

The mandala crystal grid is then placed in a wooden boxed frame. The wooden frame games in three colours, white, grey and black. These pieces can be used as meditation pieces or as a piece of wall art.

Chakras + colours + meanings

Root               | Red - strength, focus, I am
Sacral            | Orange - empowerment, creativity, encourage
Solar Plexus | Yellow - belief, inspiration, motivation, gut instinct 
Heart             | Pink & Green - love, heal, forgive
Throat            | Blue - communicate, express, truth
Third Eye       | Purple - clarity, vision
Crown            | The Milky Way - higher consciousness, knowing, wisdom, connection

The prints sizes to the aperture of the frame size

Print size: 10x10cm | Frame size: 13.6x13.6x3.3 cm | Depth: 3cm | mount: 7.5x7.5cm

Print size: 18x18cm | Frame size: 21.2x21.2x3x3 cm | Depth: 3cm | Mount: 15x15cm

Print size: 30x30cm | Frame size: 33.9x33.9x3.3 cm | Depth: 3cm | Mount: 25x25cm

These are made to order, so please allow up to 1 weeks for you to receive.

Framed Chakra Crystal Grid

Frame colour
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