This is a complete candle set of 7 candles - one for each chakra. Each candle weighs 200g, with a burn time of up to 45 hours.

Choose from either a green or pink heart candle.
Also, choose your type of wax - blended soy and paraffin or soy.

We have 8 candles
❤️ = Root - grounding, security, foundations
🧡 = Sacral - creativity, sexuality, emotional trauma 
💛= Solar Plexus - higher self, connection, guidance, trust, believe
💚= Heart - emotional healing
💗= Heart - Self-love, worth
💙 = Throat - communication, expression, Authentic-self
💜= Third-eye - clarity, vision
🤍 = Crown - higher consciousness, spirit

Buying the whole set saves you £27
Each candle will have crystals in them associated with the chakra. Made with pure essential oils. The colour may vary due to concentration of the dye.

Chakra Candle Set