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This bundle comes with small bundle of White Californian Sage approx 3-4 inches (20g) + 2x Palo Santo approx 4 inches.


What is it used for?

For many years both Sage and Palo Santo has been used for ceremonial purposes and for cleansing of space.


White Sage used mainly from the Native American Tribes. They used sage to help connect with their spirit ancestors and to help purify the space. 


There are many types of Sage, the most commonly known is the Californian White Sage.


Palo Santo also known as Holy Wood. Closely linked to the Frankincense family. It is found/sourced from South America. Palo Santo is burned to clear space and is known to help balance energies and transmute negativity.


What are they good for?

Both are good for cleansing and clearing space. 

Helps relieve tension 

Calms anxiety

Transmute negativity and promote positivity 


How to use?

I use these differently (and of course you do what’s best for you). 


When working with sage I set an intention. What am I wanting the sage to help with. As we know sage can also call in energy (as that is what it was originally used for). My intention may be - I ask for their space to cleansed from anything that does not serve me or mean me well. I welcome in love and all that means me well. Only love and light is welcomed here. And so it is.


I then make sure windows and doors are closed first and allow the room to fill with smoke before opening the windows to release all that is and to let in new fresh energy. This also gets into those hard to reach corners.


Palo Santo - I also set an intention. The only difference is, is that I walk with Palo Santo in my bag. As a mobile therapist, I like to kept my energy clean and Palo Santo is the ideal mobile cleansing quick fix. When clearing space I use it the same as the Sage.

Smudge Kit: White Sage + PaloSanto

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