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To aid your healing journey, we have decided to offer two sessions. 60 min Reiki session and a spiritual/psychic reading session. Receive a either a spiritual or an evidential message. Have a loved one draw close for them to show you they are close to you. Or maybe a spirit guide, who can help you on your spiritual path.


Then either after or before; Immerse yourself in this lovely healing energy of Reiki. Bring your body into balance and harmony. Allow your mind to be come at ease. Let Reiki lull you to relaxation.


This full body Reiki or crystal healing session, takes around 60 mins.


Reiki is channelled through myself to bring your bodies into balance as well as your chakras. After working on your chakras; we all the energy to flow into the aura. To help and remove any unneeded energy and smooth out the pockets. Leaving you feeling relaxed and charged.


This full body crystal session, takes around 60 mins. The Crystal energy connects to you through the power of the crystals. The crystal will work on bringing your energetic bodies, physical body and chakras into balance. Leaving you feeling relaxed, grounded and charged.

After each session you will receive feedback, on what was felt and what you can do to help with your healing journey.


Availble within the London Area Only

Bundle - Mobile Treatment & Reading - 2hrs

  • Please email your preferred date and time for booking

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